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Dates and Rates

The October course has reached maximum. A November 1-10 course has just been added to the list. See in red below. Like the others, it begins on a Wednesday morning and finishes ten days later on a Friday afternoon. Arrival is Tuesday evening, October 31st.

Also, the required tool list has recently been reduced substantially. See “What to Bring” on this website.

Lodging in housekeeping-style rustic log cabins is included with tuition. Separate cabins for couples or women are on a first-come basis.

Schedule of Full-Scribed Round-Log Construction Workshops for 2017

Log Construction Basics  April 19-28 10-day   1,150
Log Construction Basics May 17-26 10-day   1,150
Log Construction Basics June 14-23 10-day   1,150 
Elements of Stonework August 11-13  3-day     300 
Log Construction Basics August 16-25 10-day   1,150
Log Construction Basics  September 13-22 10-day   1,150
Log Construction Basics October 18-27 10-day   1,150
Log Construction Basics  November 1-10 10-day   1,150

Special Rates 

  • Couples or friends on log course: $1,100. per person.
  • Graduates taking refresher log course within 15 years of last workshop: $300.
  • People attending a course together can share many required tools. Couples will be provided with their own cabin as available on a first-come basis.
  • Any additions to the above schedule, including specialized courses for graduates, are updated periodically under the “Course Dates and Rates” and “Log Review Newsletter” headings on this website.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, cashier’s checks, money orders, or bank wire transfers.

Great Lakes School of Log Building 
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