Great Lakes School
of Log Building

Great Lakes School of Log Building opened in 1975 and closed in
2018 after 43 interesting years.

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About the School

Great Lakes School of Log Building opened in 1975 and closed in 2018 after 43 interesting years. Ron is still happy to answer helpful questions from former students and other prospective log builders as they build their own structures. Also, he would appreciate photos of the results, as well as extra pictures of some of the early courses and students at both the Hinckley and Sand Lake camps. Particularly interesting would be images of hauling logs on the old steel wagon behind the ’47 John Deere B, or of driving the freshly-cut spruce & poplar logs with pike poles across the waters of the marsh next to Sand Lake in the springs of 1978 and 1979.


Just wanted to give you a quick follow up on my satisfaction with your course. You run a very organized, and obviously well thought out curriculum. Although I felt I had some of the core skills to build a log home, I learned a lot of things that will make my building experience much more productive, enjoyable, and rewarding. Seeing the scribing, corner notching, and lateral work is priceless, not near as intimidating when reading the methods in a book. I feel confident I can handle truss building as well. You also moved me into the 21st century on chain saw safety...

Tom Sullivan Michigan

My sole training in log building was the 10 days I spent at the Great Lakes School. It is most definitely a hands-on course. The operator, Ron Brodigan’s style, is to do a short lecture on the topic at hand, followed by a brief demonstration, and then you are working on the skill under his supervision. I suppose 75% of your time is spent on actual building work and hands-on skills needed to support the building work, such as chainsaw sharpening and maintenance, etc. I finished each day totally bushed from the efforts during the day...

Dave Drown Minnesota

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the stonemasonry class and getting to know you. Your style of teaching with such a complete lack of criticism and negativity was such a perfect example of how a teacher should teach it amazed me. Even when I and others screwed things up you handled the situation with calm and professionalism. I also truly enjoyed your history and philosophy lessons…

Phil Strauch Illinois

It was the most challenging and satisfying experience I’ve ever had. I especially appreciated your low-key manner and the feeling of teamwork that prevailed during the course. Something that was truly a surprise to me was that none of the men on the course were patronizing or gave the slightest indication that they felt women shouldn’t or couldn’t do this work…this mood of total non-bias was extremely important to my current self-confidence.

Katie Cialone North Dakota
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